Real-time Acquisition and Reconstruction of Dynamic Volumes with Neural Structured Illumination

Yixin Zeng#, Zoubin Bi#, Mingrui Yin*, Xiang Feng, Kun Zhou and Hongzhi Wu

Patent Pending.


We propose a novel framework for real-time acquisition and reconstruction of temporally-varying 3D phenomena with high quality. The core of our framework is a deep neural network, with an encoder that directly maps to the structured illumination during acquisition, a decoder that predicts a 1D density distribution from single-pixel measurements under the optimized lighting, and an aggregation module that combines the predicted densities for each camera into a single volume. It enables the automatic and joint optimization of physical acquisition and computational reconstruction, and is flexible to adapt to different hardware configurations. The effectiveness of our frame- work is demonstrated on a lightweight setup with an off- the-shelf projector and one or multiple cameras, achieving a performance of 40 volumes per second at a spatial resolution of 1283. We compare favorably with state-of-the-art techniques in real and synthetic experiments, and evaluate the impact of various factors over our pipeline.


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